• Break a Sports Performance Slump
  • Surpass a Sports Performance Plateau
  • Control Sports Performance Anxiety
  • Heal Faster from Sports Injuries Including Head Injuries-Concussions-Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Treat Past Sports Injuries Including Head Injuries-Concussions-Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Decompress & Transition From the High Physical & Mental Demands of a Professional Sports Career
  • Beat Eating Disorder Symptoms and Behaviors
  • Address and Resolve Past Diet and Weight Loss Issues
  • Decrease Overall Cortisol Levels to Ensure you can achieve and maintain Weight Loss
  • Cease Unconscious and Uncontrolled Eating
  • Heal the Core Issues Inhibiting the Acquisition of Fitness Goals
  • Regain Control over your Emotions and Life following a Life Time of Traumas or a Major Life Changing Event
  • Work through and Heal from Past Injuries-Accidents-Surgeries
  • Move Past the Grief of Losing a Loved One
  • Address the Root Event(s) Causing Mental Illness Symptoms
  • Release the Mental & Physical Traumas Associated with Serving your Country Through the United States Military
  • Clear and heal your brain and body from past mental and physical injuries
  • Decondition mal-adaptive psychological and physiological neuro-pathways
  • Address, Treat and Resolve Past Concussions-Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Realign and balance the musculoskeletal system to release and resolve persistent pain
  • Assess personal strengths, passions & desires to formulate an action plan to move forward into a new career

Paige uses her Neural Frequency Enhancement Method to assess an athlete’s nervous system functioning, overall mental and physical health and well-being. She looks at factors within the athlete’s systemic sports organizations as well as developmental and social aspects which could be inhibitory of sports performance and or sports participation. She uses sports neuro psychophysiological assessments such as QEEG Brain Scans, Brain Functioning Questionnaires, Epigenetic Methylation Data Assessment Software, Gut-Brain Axis Measures and Allergy Testing to scientifically assess an athlete’s brain-body strengths and weaknesses.

Specifically, we employ clinical athlete counseling, Brainspotting, Mental Conditioning, Peak Performance Coaching, Photobiomodulation Lasers, LED Light Therapy, Audiovisual Entrainment, Heart Rate Variability and Supplementation Recommendations.

When it comes to our approach, we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special. We use the below techniques in each of our areas of expertise to offer you a new way to approach your mental game.


Brainspotting allows the brain and body to de-condition the mal-adaptive neuro pathways the brain and body creates-conditions when it endures injuries-trauma-surgeries.

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We use Photobiomodulation pulsed lasers to assist an athlete’s brain in healing from Concussion(s)-Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) and or preventing the development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

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