For Professional Elite athletes

Whom desire to  participate in cutting edge mental and physical sports performance expansion techniques to regain, reach and expand on their current level of sports performance.

Clinician Paige Roberts does a Brainspotting “Zone” or “Flow State” eye position Mental Conditioning demonstration session.


  • 5-10 Day group or team Clinical Performance Neuro Training Intensive.

  • Athletes will participate in a Pre & Post Performance Neuro Training QEEG Brain Map-Scan, Interpretation & will leave with their individual Brain Health Report.

  • Athletes will participate in Individual Clinical Performance Neuro Training Sessions.

  • Athletes will participate in an Individual Heart Rate Variability & Biofeedback Session.

  • Athletes will participate in team or group Brainspotting  sessions. 

  • Athletes will participate in group or team Mental Conditioning “Zone” or “Flow State” sessions.

  • Athletes will participate in group or team talks from leading Sports Medicine Professionals.

  • Athletes will participate in group or team Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness sessions.


QEEG Brain Mapping-Scans

Assess current functional brain health to have a baseline to see if any past concussion-TBI indicators still remain and or to have a baseline brain assessment in case you do endure a concussion-TBI.

Quantitative Electro Encephalography qEEG is the non-invasive recording of the amplified electrical activity or electric fields generated by the neurons.

It is collected by placing specifically designed caps on the individual’s scalp. An amplifier magnifies the electrical activity of the brain so it can be displayed on a computer screen. The activity is then shown in the form of brain waves, maps and 3D images, which are the byproduct of neurons talking to each other. In essence, the waves produced by the brain are the result of complex and elaborate electrochemical processes and also the interaction of the cortex and subcortical (deep brain) regions. What these brain waves reveal is how the brain operates and how we can train it in order to optimize performance. When we record the qEEG as the athlete is undergoing a Brainspotting session we are looking at changes in brain wave activity that correlates with the desired performance outcomes (reduced anxiety, increased focus, enhanced motor performance, etc.). We can also record variables such as respiration rate, hear rate variability (HRV), peripheral temperature, muscle tension and Skin Conductance, which are physiological responses to psychological events.

Thus, what we are tapping into is the mind-body connection. All these variables allow us to then develop evidence-based individualized training and performance enhancing protocols.

qEEG graphic showing thermo energy inside the brain
qEEG graphic showing thermo energy inside the brain after using neuro training at on point in seattle and colorado

Changes in brain wave activity after one brainspotting session. Before BSP (above) shows increase slow brain wave activity in the anterior cingulate cortex (red dot) which correlates with anxiety, fretting, cognitive rumination and low frustration tolerance. After BSP (below) shows a reduction in such activity correlating with better cognitive control, better negative thought suppression and more flexibility.

Neural Frequency Enhancement Method 


Brainspotting is the desired condition for this brain and body to process out and heal from past and current sports injuries-traumas.  Brainspotting is the ONLY way encapsulated, contained and stored past sports traumas and past life trauma can be located, processed and expelled from the brain and the body. The benefit of this process will allow the athlete’s energy to be redirected toward practice and performance gains and will deter the athlete from experiencing any form of muscle guarding and or performance blocks, slumps and yips from occurring. Through brainspotting the athlete can clear their past accumulated or piled up trauma(s) allowing them to reach or achieve their highest level of sports performance potential.


Sports traumas-injuries or surgery cause specific motor control maladaptation through pain, scar tissue, or inflammation which in turn inhibits sports participation and sports performance potential. Photobiomodulation is a non-invasive and painless laser light treatment proven to relieve chronic pain, breakdown scar tissue and significantly decrease sports trauma-injury and surgery healing time.

Audio Visual Entrainment

Reprograms the maladaptive subtle changes within the brain waves associated with past sports traumas, life stressors and even environmental assaults.

Heart Rate Variability-Biofeedback for Peak Performance Training

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a biofeedback modality that assesses, and trains heart rhythms, as well as heart-brain interactions and communication. Variability means changes in the interval or distance between one beat of the heart and the next. The interbeat interval (IBI) is the time between one R-wave (or heart beat) and the next, in milliseconds. The IBI is highly variable within any given time period.

Multiple biological rhythms overlay one another to produce the resultant pattern of variability. Interbeat interval variations, or heart rate variability, have relevance for physical, emotional, and mental function. The heart and the brain interact via the Vagus Nerve and that interaction is 95% afferent. That is, 95% of the information about our emotions and behaviors go from the heart to the brain.

HRV biofeedback increases athletic performance by optimizing heart rhythmicity which optimizes brain-body functioning. A healthy HRV correlates with increased blood perfusion and oxygenation to the brain, which in turn enhances cognitive performance resulting in better focus, increased self-confidence, better executive functioning, optimized memory and overall better health. 

After 5 minutes of HRV training (coherent breathing technique) the μ desynchronizes (deactivates) and the athlete is more present and therefore adheres faster to the recovery process both physically and mentally.