DNA Optimization

“The Importance of Your Epigenetics and How to Leverage It”

~Dr. Ben Lynch~

A gene is a specific sequence of DNA that serves as the basic unit of heredity. Together, all our genes, with their distinct pairings and order, are called the human genome. Genomics is the study of the structure and function of the genome—an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions.

The Power of Nutrigenomics

The field of nutrigenomics includes the study of individual differences at the genetic level that can affect responses to health and nutrition. It offers new possibilities to healthcare providers and their patients to use our advancing knowledge about the human genome to help improve health and wellness through nutrition. Using this information, PureGenomics® empowers healthcare providers with easy-to-understand nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that are personalized to a patient’s unique genetic needs.

What are SNPs?

The most common type of human genetic variation is called a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), often referred to as a “snip” or “snips”. With more than 10 million SNPs present in the human genome, they serve as biomarkers or signposts that have the potential to inform us about an individual’s traits, and can help guide healthcare providers when creating a plan of care.

Not all SNPs matter—we focus on the most clinically relevant

SNPs are sections of DNA, and each SNP represents a genetic variation in a single DNA building block in a gene sequence, called a nucleotide.

Backed by Science

Our recommendations are guided by analysis of published, peer-reviewed research in personalized nutrition and genetics. The collective body of research on each marker is evaluated by a team of physicians, PhDs and nutritionists to determine the strength of the evidence and whether the associated phenotype responds to nutritional or lifestyle factors. Each SNP in PureGenomics is assigned an evidence score that quantifies the level of supporting scientific evidence between the SNP and its associated effect. 5 represents the highest level of supporting evidence, while 1 represents the lowest. Since nutritional genomics is a rapidly growing field, these scores are likely to change as new discoveries emerge.

(puregenomics.com 2020)

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What are the Traits?

Traits are specific characteristics, like eye color, blood type, or the ability to tolerate lactose, that are based on an individual’s unique genetic variations (SNPs), as well as environmental factors.

Several SNPs directly affect nutrient assimilation and response to supplementation. That’s why PureGenomics takes a targeted approach, evaluating vital data related to clinically relevant SNPs and their associated traits, and uses those results as the basis for making personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. PureGenomics reports offer insights into the following trait categories:

  • Vitamins, minerals & omega-3s
  • Detoxification
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Metabolic & weight management
  • Cognitive health & memory
  • Immune health
  • Energy & fitness
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Gastrointestinal health

A SNP represents a genetic variation in which a single DNA building block within a gene sequence, called a nucleotide, is substituted for another. In this example, the nucleotide A is substituted for G. Not all SNPs affect gene function or have health implications. However, some SNPs can influence the metabolism or utilization of certain nutrients. When we understand the impact of select SNPs on nutritional needs and physiological function, we can arrive at a more personalized approach to optimizing health.


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