• Do you practice with precision but when it’s time to compete you underperform?
  • Do you suffer from performance anxiety pre competition or are up at night with anxiety?
  • Do you feel indifferent or even overwhelmed about practice or competing?
  • Do you feel depressed or down all the time?
  • Do you struggle with body image issues or an eating disorder?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol to decompress or deal with physical or emotional pain?
  • Do you experience uncontrollable anger harming your intimate relationships?
  • Did you suffer an injury including a concussion which lead to a performance decline or slump?
  • Do you keep coming in behind your competition when you know you can beat them?

If you answered yes to ANY of these I can help you!

  • Compete better than you practice!
  • Eliminate performance anxiety in sports and late night!
  • Enjoy and love your sport again!
  • Get off the drugs and alcohol once and for all!
  • Get out of the depressed hole you are currently in!
  • Embrace your body and stop using food to sooth emotions!
  • Control your triggers to be calm and present in your relationships!
  • Fully reprocess the injuries and concussions to regain your capabilities!
  • Beat your competitors once and for all!


Reach, Expand, and Enhance

Your Lifelong Performance in

Work, Life, and Play

be on point with neuro and neurology training

I assist you in articulating your goals and creating a path to achieve them!

be on point with neuro and neurology training

I assist you in moving past your past injuries or failures to regain your flow!

be on point with neuro and neurology training

I assist you in getting into your zone to  achieve greatness!


I use science based techniques to assist you in resetting your nervous system to peak performance!


I use Brainspotting to allow your brain and body to decondition the mal-adaptive neuro pathways created from sports traumas, injuries, concussions, surgeries or sports failures.

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I use Photobiomodulation-LED Light Therapy to assist your body in healing from sports injuries quicker and healing from Concussions or preventing the development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

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be on point with neuro and neurology training

E-Book: Exercise Collection 2021

Download today and begin your optimal health performance workbook!

be on point with neuro and neurology training

E-Book: 12 Energy Shifts to Peak Performance

These energy shifts are meant for you to de-condition your mal-adaptive neuromuscular functioning from past mental and physical sports traumas and habitual resourcing behaviors keeping you from reaching your sports performance goals.

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Mindcurrent enables you visualize your emotional and behavioral patterns, so you can make better choices every day. Mindcurrent helps you reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration in just a few minutes t0 create clear, focused thinking, with a calming sense of control.

inLight Medical photobiomodulation and light therapy devices heal brain injury in seattle washington and colorado


Paige is a certified light therapist and is trained in and endorses various photobiomodulation-light therapy systems. To book an appointment or learn what system can address your needs/condition to purchase your own in home light therapy healing system Call 970.875.4591 or go to to learn more!

“…Working with Paige was the last chance I gave myself to change my mentality towards snowboarding, and it paid off dividends. The 2017/18 season was not only the best year of my career, but the most enjoyable as well. Paige helped me to remove mental blocks acquired through negative experiences both in and outside of snowboarding, and because of that, I was able to earn a 3rd place finish at the Breckenridge Dew Tour, an X Games silver medal, and- the highlight of my career thus far- an Olympic Bronze medal…”
Arielle Gold, Olympian & U.S. Snowboard Athlete
“Paige’s down to earth approach helps you understand why her methods work so well. From budding young athletes to elite professionals, Paige is the go to, to build and extend their career. She truly is THE game changer!”
Charlie Chase, Genetic Synergy
“After a series of ski accidents and surgeries, our son became tentative and lost his competitive edge on the ski hill. After working with Paige to release the trauma that your cells hold on to after an accident, our son had a complete turnaround. He emerged from a 2-year slump and had an incredibility successful season winning every event he was in!”
Sally Dyer