be on point with neuro and neurology training

Peak Performance & Brain Health Optimization Expert

“I am Paige Roberts and I help athletes reset their nervous system so they can reach their peak sports performance potential!”

By booking Paige to work with your sports organization you are:

  • Assisting your athletes in mentally and physically de-conditioning their mal-adaptive neuromuscular patterns from past sports injuries or failures.
  • Giving your athletes the ability to deactivate current stressors and what if’s or worst case scenarios to decrease the potential for unconscious uncontrollable reaction causing muscle guarding.
  • Assisting your athletes in de-conditioning the secondary trauma of seeing another athlete endure a sports mental or physical trauma.
  • Giving your athletes a way to combat performance anxiety/cortisol within the nervous system to keep from unconsciously triggering the primitive-fight/flight/freeze part of the brain associated with muscle guarding.
  • Assisting your athletes in decreasing their potential for injury by increasing their overall flexibility.
  • Giving your athletes a “flow state” positive optimal sports performance eye position conditioned into their nervous system.
  • Assisting your athletes in mastering their nervous system for peak performance.
be on point with neuro and neurology training

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be on point with neuro and neurology training

Media Bio

Paige Roberts is a sports psychology consultant and energy optimization expert specializing in helping athletes reset their nervous system to overcome performance anxiety, recover fully from sports injuries or failures and rebound from performance slumps or blocks. She has a specialized performance expansion process called Performance Neuro Training where she implements various neuroscience and quantum physics based mind-body expansion modalities.

Paige has a degree in Exercise Science, Masters of Social Work and Doctorate of Holistic Health. She is a Certified Light Therapist, Certified Brain Health Coach, Certified Brainspotting Practitioner Consultant, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, Hypnotherapist Coach, QEEG Brain Scan Practitioner and is an Applied Association of Sports Psychology Certified Mental Performance Consultant candidate. She has National Academy of Sports Medicine training as a Sports Performance Expansion Specialist.

She presented at The First Seattle Sports Medicine Combined, The First International Brainspotting Conference, Seattle Tech Stars Startup Week, has been a guest on numerous podcasts, featured in Ski Magazine, was on the Sun Valley Television Station and her revolutionary work has been published in the book “Healing with Red Light”.

In addition to her credentials she is an ambassador for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, and volunteers with the Sick Not Weak Initiative. To date she has helped hundreds of athletes win state championships, gain collegiate sports commitments, obtain national titles and Olympic medals.

Paige was led down the path of sports and exercise psychology through her personal experiences as a high school athlete and as an NCAA athlete through the various challenges she faced of sports injuries, eating disorders, addictions, post concussion syndrome. As well as the loss of multiple athlete friends to suicide. She is on mission to find and implement the most effective treatment modalities for athletes to end suicide of athletes.

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Paige E. Roberts LICSW LCSW

  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • Certified Mental Performance Candidate
  • Clinical Sports Psychology Consultant
  • Certified Brainspotting Consultant
  • Certified Brain Health Coach
  • Certified Light Therapist
  • Doctorate of Holistic Health
  • Owner, PR Consulting LLC