Paige Roberts has been interviewed for her expertise by numerous outlets.

Here are a few choice podcast episodes.

Make Mental Health Matter

S5Ep14 A Warriors Story about Neuro Diverse ADHD and Dyslexia

Dr. Paige Roberts started therapy at 17 and had to navigate ADD meds which became complicated with the concussions. She then found a trauma reprocessing therapy which helped more than talk therapy called Brainspotting, where she went on to become a clinical social worker in sports using this same therapy on her athlete clients. She started her practice 10 years ago now. But still does bimonthly Brainspotting and various other biohacking health practices to keep herself at optimal mind, body and spirit health.

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Voice in Sport

Episode 98. Dr. Paige Roberts speaks about Trauma Injury Recovery

VIS Expert, Dr. Paige Roberts, a sports psychotherapist, athlete mental health advocate and a peak performance expert speaks about trauma injuries and how to recover from them. Paige specializes in helping athletes overcome performance anxiety, recover fully from sports injuries or failures, and rebound from performance slumps or blocks.

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By Chris Armistead -Episode NBA Finals Game 2 Recap | 1 on 1 with Dr. Paige Roberts | Mindful Moment

With the series tied at 1-1, what will happen in the rest of the series? On this episode, we look back on Game 2 and what we could see in Game 3. Also, we have a first for the podcast, my interview today was with Dr. Paige Roberts and we discuss brain-spotting and sport psychology and therapy and more. Make sure to tune in to all of our episodes and check us out on Instagram as well.

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Dead Talks with David Ferrugio – Episode 53

Sports & Mental Health | Paige E. Roberts LICSW PhD

Paige finds better ways of treating mental illness to prevent suicide and the healing of her athlete clients. Paige is a sports and fitness enthusiast. She uses a process called Performance Neuro Training which is a combination of sports psychology, Brainspotting, and hot & cold photobiomodulation laser-light therapy. On this episode of DEAD Talks she speaks on her practice along with her experience of loss having lost several friends who were athletes to suicide which was the catalyst to lead her on the path she’s on now to speak on this topic and how to prevent it.

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Fresh Leaf Forever

Vai Kumar Interviews Paige Roberts – Season 2 Episode 14

Harnessing tools to help athletes peak, injury prevention & mental health. This episode is with our guest Paige Roberts who is currently assisting athletes all over the world ranging from youth, teen, NCAA, USA National Athletes, MMA, NFL, MLB, NHL and weekend warriors in reaching their full sports and life performance potential!

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This is my story what is yours what is yours?

With Shikha Shahdeo

How Paige overcame her struggle with substance abuse

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Trauma in Sports – How Athletes Can Re-train Their Nervous System | #123

ALL IN with Natalie Allport

Paige shares about brain spotting, something she does in her clinic with clients, as well as how you can try brain spotting at home to help process trauma. Paige also shares free / low-cost tools you can use to train & regulate your nervous system to have improves mental health and performance.

We also talk about how athletes can be better educated about what is right and wrong, as well as what HRV is and how you can improve it.

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Episode 10: Performance Training

Fit For Success
Paige talked about her experience working with injured students and how the lack of resources has changed over time. She shared her knowledge and insights on how you can recover after an injury.
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Episode 20: Back in the Game

A Sports and Mindset Podcast
With Paige Roberts
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Off the Pitch for Active

Yellow for Yelling
With Paige Roberts
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SHP #41 Self Healing with Paige

The Self-Healer’s Podcast
With Paige Roberts and Bree Bellefeuille
Mar 23, 2021
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The Resilience Resourcing Podcast

The Resilience Resourcing Podcast
By Holly Huffman
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The Recovery Channel Podcast

The Recovery Channel Podcast
With Dr. Robb Kelly and Jennifer Lovely
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Life in Recovery Podcast Episode 48: Paige R

Life in Recovery Podcast
With Ren Koi. Paige R talks about her life in recovery from alcoholism and the neuroscience of recovery.
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Learn About Biohacking, Brainspotting, Photobiomodulation & Nootropics

Ask Valor Master Minds YouTube Channel
On this episode of Ask Valor Masterminds, we learn from Paige E Roberts owner of Performance Neuro Training who educates our audience on Biohacking, Barinspotting, Photobiomodulation & Nootropics as it relates to retraining our brains so we can perform better. Watch the episode >

Concussions Treated as PTSD

Bleav Podcast
Coach Doc brought in a Sports Psychology Clinician and Performance Coach, Paige E. Roberts, whose work focuses on Performance Neuro Training. This episode may not be what you think, but it is information you need to hear if you are involved in sports in any way. Hear the episode >

Paige Roberts Shows How to Reach Optimum Performance

Eye on Sun Valley is a TV station broadcasting local, daily news in Idaho’s Sun Valley. View the segment >

Paige Roberts and “Treating CTE”

The host of theEWpodcast interviews Paige Roberts. Available on Apple Podcasts and on Soundcloud.

Empower Yourself for Greater Brain Health with Paige Roberts

Kathryn Kemp Guylay (MBA, CNC): “In this episode, I have Paige Roberts back as a repeat guest on brain wellness, this time to focus on QEEG assessments and interventions such as photobiomodulation to improve brain health”.

The Power of Brainspotting and Neuro Training Spirituality of Strength Training

Listen to Anna Wild interview Paige E. Roberts on the podcast, Spirituality of Strength Training on Apple Podcasts.

Mel and Shannon chat with Washington-state based clinician, Paige Roberts about neuroplasticity, what can effect performance, and how there’s more to sports psychology than sports!

Listen to Sport Psychologist and Neuroplastician, Paige Roberts from RunForYourLife in PodcastsAlso Available on Sound Cloud.

Episode #24 Exploring the Link Between Physical and Emotional Trauma with Paige Roberts

Interviewed by Anya Kaats on A Millennial’s Guide to Saving the World.

#‎BrainInjuryRadio show: #‎TBIOneloveRadio

Featured on James Durham’s TBI One Love Brain Injury Awareness and Survivor Resources Talk Radio, a part of the non-profit Brain Injury Radio.

‎Choices, Finding Your Joy With Paula Vail 05 – 22 – 18 Guest – Paige E. Roberts

with 1150KKNW Radio

‎Recover, Heal and Expand Performance with Brainspotting (Paige Roberts)

Mountain Mantras — Make Wellness Fun Podcast, with Kathryn Kemp Guylay