I use the WAVI brain performnace scan assessments to look at your brain functioning. WAVI can effectively measure brain speed, power, audio and physical reaction time. I implement brain scans into our sessions to give appropriate neuroscience based brain energy optimization recommendations and to measure your amazing Energy Optimization program results.

Dr. Paige Roberts talks about the WAVI QEEG brain scanning device

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Quantitative Electroencephalograph Brain Mapping Assessment

Quantitative Electroencephalograph (QEEG) is a non-invasive less than 1 hour assessment which records multi-channel EEG event-related potentials (ERPs) and a comprehensive multi-dimensional analysis of such recordings by advanced algorithms, aimed at understanding and visualizing the network complexity of brain function.  Assesses the similarity to normal function can display an understanding of dysfunction, disease progression and response to therapeutic interventions in a large variety of neurologic, psychiatric and behavioral conditions. QEEGs use algorithms and sets of signal processing and pattern recognition techniques to seek and map activated neural pathways in task-related data points with respect to time, location, amplitude and frequency. By projecting the individual data points into clusters, they reveal three-dimensional images of brain network activation patterns which represent high resolution functional neural pathways. These brain network patterns and scores can aid clinicians with profiling of brain functionality in comparison to the reference brain network model to assess similarity to the normal average brain functioning. Measuring changes in functionality and/or dysfunctionality can potentially assist follow-up of changes in disease progression. When combined with data supplied from information from self reported and observed cognitive and behavior patterns clarity with respect to brain processes and determination of a medical condition (Brain Network Activation, 2017)

Traditional imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, PET and SPECT scans are providing us with information on brain anatomy, metabolism, energy consumption and blood flow but not on the functional brain components such as memory, attention, pain or depression.  Other functional assessment methods – including clinical assessment and neurocognitive tools – do not allow us to quantify how these underlying networks are performing, revealing only clinical effects and symptoms. QEEG testing allows medical professionals to objectively measure and assess how these networks are related to specific functions and compared to a normative group, both before injury or illness, during a disease progression and after treatment has begun (Brain Network Activation, 2017).

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QEEG Brain Mapping for Baseline Concussion Assessments

By having a baseline brain health measurement an athlete can participate in sports knowing if they endure a hit to the head, fall or crash during sports participation they have a brain health measure to compare the current health of their brain. When a concussion is suspected being able to get an accurate diagnosis of the brain can keep an athlete from returning to play too soon and prevent running the risk of having permanent brain damage.

be on point with neuro and neurology training

QEEG Brain Mapping for Concussion Treatment Monitoring

By measuring brain health while participating in concussion interventions, an athlete can know if the intervention is healing their brain and can direct the clinician in prescribing specific treatments as well as giving referrals when necessary.

be on point with neuro and neurology training

QEEG Brain Mapping for Assessing Brain Health

By measuring current brain health, the client can determine if they should participate in various health interventions and then be able to determine if these interventions are increasing the health of their brain.


“What we don’t have is an accurate, quantitative picture of what concussion looks like in terms of the physiology of the brain. That’s where the WAVi technology comes in.”

-Jerry Clayton, PhD-


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