Peak Performance &
Brain Health Optimization

November 17, 2023 or December 15, 2023

12:00-1:00 PM PST

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This course covers basic neuroscience, exercise kinesiology and psychology applicable to sports injuries, concussions and life adversities-stressors. Participants will learn about an athletes’ energetic body and how it relates to their sports performance.


  • Learn what happens physically and mentally when as athlete endures a sports injury or concussion.
  • Learn about the nervous system states and how they apply to sports injury and peak performance.
  • Learn how coherence within the nervous system impacts an athlete’s sports performance.
  • Learn about positive and negative ions as they apply to brain health and sports performance.
  • Learn the difference between body arousal and cognitive anxiety.
  • Learn about releasing and rewriting maladaptive neuro muscular performance micromovements.
  • Learn brain wave states as they apply to sports injury recovery and performance.